No. of Issuance
Subject Matter
Date of Issue
RMO No. 1-2023
Creates Alphanumeric Tax Codes (ATCs) for Excise Taxes and Tobacco Inspection Fees on Novel Tobacco Products
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January 5, 2023 
RMO No. 2-2023 Prescribes the CY 2023 Operational Key Performance Indicators for the Revenue Regions, Large Taxpayers Service and Revenue District Offices
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       January 10, 2023
RMO No. 3-2023 Implements the regular updating of content of the Interactive BIR Citizen's Charter
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       January 16, 2023
RMO No. 4-2023 Amends RMO No. 14-2015 relative to the new composition of the Committee to Supervise the Printing of Specialized Accountable Forms in the National Office
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       January 27, 2023
RMO No. 5-2023 Prescribes the guidelines and procedures on the implementation of revised customer satisfaction survey for frontline services under Client Support Service as one of the BIR's Feedback Mechanism
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       January 30, 2023