No. of Issuance
Subject Matter
Date of Issue
 RAO No. 1-2023
Renames Revenue District Office (RDO) No. 21C – Clark Freeport Zone to Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone (CFEZ)
April 27, 2023 
RAO No. 2-2023
Amends Revenue Administrative Order (RAO) No. 2-2018, as amended by RAO No. 3-2021, relative to the organization and functions of the Research and Statistics Division under the Planning and Management Service
May 30, 2023
RAO No. 3-2023
Amends Revenue Administrative Order (RAO) Nos. 3-2014 and 5-2019, relative to the functions of Assessment Section, Collection Section, Client Support Section and Compliance Section under the Revenue District Office in the Revenue Region
August 31, 2023