The BIR's journey with the Performance Governance System (PGS) began in CY 2009, when it was selected to be one of six (6) National Government Agencies chosen to participate in a landmark Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact Eligibility endeavor to adopt the Performance Governance System (PGS). PGS is a tool translating statements of governance and vision into actionable strategies and commitments leading to the realization of breakthrough results.

Prior to its selection for this project, the BIR had already embarked on programs to promote transparency and accountability in the revenue service, in accordance with the recommendations of the Integrity Development Review (IDR) Project implemented in 2007.

The introduction of the PGS has helped to further promote our commitment to participatory governance and partnership with our stakeholders, and has witnessed the renewal of the public's trust and confidence in the Government, particularly in the BIR as the country's tax collecting agency. Indeed, the BIR has achieved even greater focus and seen the optimal impact of its programs, given the available resources for the accomplishment of its mandate.

Also, the adoption of the PGS has gained a high level of attention, and is now considered a necessary condition for honest and good governance, the central tenet of the Aquino administration. The PGS has indeed provided excellent new direction for the BIR's efforts to focus on Efficiency, Effectiveness, Transparency and Accountability, thereby enabling us to enhance our performance and productivity, and to contribute ever more significantly to the attainment of the country's development targets and nation-building initiatives.