No. of Issuance
Subject Matter
Date of Issue
RDAO No. 1-2018
Revokes the temporary authority given to the ACIRs of the Assessment and Collection Services to approve and/or sign the documents listed in RDAO No. 1-2017
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January 24, 2018
RDAO No. 2-2018 Delegates to Head Revenue Executive Assistant Larry M. Barcelo the authority to approve and/or sign specific documents by virtue of the assignment Atty. Marissa O. Cabreros as OIC-Deputy Commissioner, Legal Group
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February 15, 2018
RDAO No. 3-2018 Delegates to the Deputy Commissioner of Resource Management Group and Regional Directors the authority to sign Civil Service Form No. 2, Revised 2017 or Report on Appointments Issued (RAI)
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March 12, 2018
RDAO No. 4-2018 Delegates to concerned BIR officials the authority to sign and approve Assessment Notices and Reports of Investigation of the Divisions under the Large Taxpayers Service
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May 23, 2018
RDAO No. 5-2018 Delegates to the Assistant Commissioner, Planning and Management Service the authority to sign the transmittal letter of Monthly Project Status Report per Commission on Audit (COA) Circular No. 2013-004
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July 23, 2018
RDAO No. 6-2018 Delegates to the Deputy Commissioner of Resource Management Group the authority to sign the Certification of Erasure/Alteration on Appointment Form (CS Form No. 3, Series of 2017)
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September 6, 2018
RDAO No. 7-2018 Delegates to the Chief or Assistant Chief of Excise Large Taxpayers Field Operations Division the authority to approve/disapprove and sign applications for Product Replenishment Certificates, Product Replenishment Debit Memos and Export Permits on Removals of Excisable Products 
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September 7, 2018