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 RDAO No. 1-2016

Delegates the authority to sign List of Due and Demandable Accounts Payable-Advice to Debit Accounts (LDDAP-ADA), Letter of Introduction (LOI) Direct Payment to the Account of the Creditor/Payee and Summary of LDDAP-ADAs Issued and Invalidated ADA Entries (SLIIAE)
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 March 9, 2016

RDAO No. 2-2016

Delegates to designated revenue officials the authority to sign certain forms on financial matters relative to implementation of the Government Accounting Manual for National Government Agencies 
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April 18, 2016
RDAO No. 3-2016

Delegates to Collection Service officials the authority to issue Operations Memorandum to weekly circularize the sugar price at millsite issued by the Sugar Regulatory Administration 
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 April 18, 2016
RDAO No. 4-2016 Delegates to additional revenue officials the authority to sign certain forms on financial matters 
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May 2, 2016
RDAO No. 5-2016 Delegates to Deputy Commissioner Nestor S. Valeroso of Operations Group the authority to approve and sign various accountable forms, notices, reports and other documents processed for signature of the Assistant Commissioner, Large Taxpayers Service 
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August 9, 2016
RDAO No. 6-2016 Delegates to revenue officials and employees the authority to sign Reallocation Advice in the Use of Personnel Services Appropriations (RAPSA) and Realignment Advice Form (RAF) 
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September 2, 2016