Conniving Businessman and CPA added to tax evasion list of underdeclaring sales thru various schemes. more

Janitorial Services Proprietor "swept" for willful failure to pay long overdue taxes. more

BIR modifies requirements in the submission of Financial Statements. more

BIR sets strict rules on filing of late/out-of-district tax returns. more

BIR collects Php82 Billion for November. more

BIR padlocks Mandaluyong City business establishment. more

BIR "waters" three MWSS Governing Board members for tax evasion. more

BIR bags Toy Company and CPA for playing tax evasion. more

Lawyer gets dose of his own medicine, is charged by BIR for tax evasion. more

Another security agency bites the bullet, is charged for willful failure to pay deficiency taxes. more

BIR marks second month of successful collection efforts. more

Premyo Sa Resibo: Dressmaker from Bulacan sews up a jackpot. more

Apparel Company fitted Tax Evasion “suit” for willful failure to pay long overdue taxes.more

BIR “secures” Tax Evasion case for former SSS Chief and Retired General Cunanan for non-declaration of his perks. more

Former SSS Chief Neri of ZTE fame “broadbanded” for Tax Evasion thru underdeclaration of perks. more

BIR Padlocks Malabon City Manufacturing Company. more

BIR closes down 2 businesses in Pasig. more

BIR casts controversial Director-National Artist Caparas in tax evasion drama. more

BIR exceeds target for September. more

BIR padlocks two Pasig companies for tax dodge. more

Port operator docked for willful failure to pay long overdue taxes. more

BIR mines “gold” from garbage, dumps tax evasion charges into LGU garbage collector.more

BIR shutters Pasig City restaurant. more

BIR files “first” tax evasion charges against a security and investigation agency. more

Income payors declaration help BIR charge contractor of prime properties for tax evasion. more

Owners of Club Manila East charged with tax evasion for 13 years of unexplained huge cash investments. more

Use of fake Certificate Authorizing Registration and Tax Clearance Certificate expose parties to a Deed of Sale to tax evasion charges. more

Tax consultant arrested for criminal raps. more

Billionaire caught in his own real estate transactions. more

BIR closes printing house. more

BIR collection performance for the month of July 2010. more

BIR zips company related to DPWH contractor for tax evasion. more

BIR snares top 10,000 Electronic Filing and Payment System taxpayer for tax evasion.more

BIR writes show cause letters to "Erring Independent CPAs". more

BIR welcomes Philippine Medical Association Cooperation, reminds taxpayers of August Income Tax Filing deadline. more

Corinthian Gardens residents charged with tax evasion. more

BIR reinvigorates electronic complaint system. more

BIR maintains fiery form, exceeds collection goal for the fifth consecutive month. more

BIR and Ombudsman join together to form formidable team. more

BIR reminds taxpayers “Be cooperative and submit your records”. more

BIR signs MOA with CSC, NCC on pilot citizen’s helpline. more

BIR verifies VAT compliance of HMOs. more

BIR Makati shuts down realty corporation. more

BIR to audit high risk taxpayers. more

BIR pursues case against LGU personnel for tax liabilities. more

BIR warns judges and taxpayers: “Do not TRO our tax collection”. more

Philippines to negotiate tax treaty with Syria. more

BIR set to acquire condominium units as tax payments. more

Pasig City shuts down construction company. more

BIR says implementation of VAT on toll fees may take another day. more

BIR clarifies certification procedures of ITRs and AFs. more

Time’s Up: RR 14 closes a major enterprise after tax filing deadline. more

CTA upholds BIR, orders arrest of Fast Construct proprietor. more

BIR Binondo shutters general partnership, records first 2010 Manila Oplan Kandado case. more

12% VAT on toll fees from private motor vehicles takes effect April 1, 2010. more

Exchange of information on tax matters now available for BIR and foreign tax offices.

BIR forgives MMDA with lifting of freeze on bank accounts. more

BIR reminds schools of Doc stamps on diplomas and transcripts. more

PICPA appeals to members for increased tax payments. more

BIR sustains good start, exceeds February 2010 collection goal. more

BIR examinations topnotchers shine. more

BIR reminds eFPS taxpayers of staggered filing due dates. more

BIR issues guidelines on Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR). more

DOF devolves processing and approval of zonal values. more

On-line DST deferred till June 30. more

BIR revokes ruling on Build Your Own (BYO) scheme. more

BIR task force focuses on the monitoring CY 2008 Letter Notices. more

DOF and BIR prepares IRR for Senior Citizens. more

Videoke, karaoke bars subject to 18% Amusement Tax, not VAT. more

BIR closes KTV bar in Makati City for fake receipts. more

BIR checks taxpayers lifestyle. more

BIR geared for taxpayer friendly campaign. more

BIR industry champions focus on high potential sector. more

Cooperatives still subject to BIR audit. more

PGMA creates review committee on smuggling and tax evasion cases handled by BIR and BoC. more

Top management swears to accuracy of tax declaration. more

Are you a top taxpayer? Check the BIR list. more

Withholding Tax violators…Beware!. more

BIR limits tax deduction rules. more

BIR clarifies tax rules on the 40% OSD disclosure. more

BIR calls on taxpayers to submit Statement of Management’s Responsibility with Annual Income Tax Return. more

BIR Makati Padlocks Popular Convenience Store, Records Second 2010 Oplan Kandado Case. more

BIR Makati Scores First 2010 OK case, Shutters Unregistered Company Operations Branch. more

PGMA graces Large Taxpayers Service 2010 Tax Campaign Kickoff. more

BIR clarifies claims on the 40% OSD by GPPs & their partners prior to tax filing. more

BIR inks MOA with SEC. more

BIR is Integrity Development Action Plan Implementation Awardee. more

BIR monitors motels in Project Valentine. more

BIR Offices, Agent Banks open on 2 Saturdays to accept tax payments. more

BIR sets rules on handling of tax court cases.more

All year-round NO NOON BREAK policy at BIR. more

BIR simplifies rules on receipt of ITRs and Financial Statements. more

BIR signs MOA with LTO and Insurance Commission. more

BIR and PNP sign Memorandum of Agreement. more

BIR strenghtens Third Party Matching System. more

BIR steps up registration of ATMs, vendo machines and the like. more

BIR clarifies “We are just doing our job”. more

BIR mulls management information system for the Tax Amnesty Program. more

BIR mandates large taxpayers to use Computerized Accounting System. more

Government Agencies, GOCCs, LGUs with alleged tax liabilities. more

BIR launches 2010 Public Assistance and Awareness Campaign. more

Reorganization continues: Putting the right people in the right places. more

BIR determined to implement CTA decision vs. Makati City. more

BIR orders Makati City government to settle tax debt. more

BIR amends guidelines on the lifting of closure order. more

Advisory: Corrections on the 2010 BIR Tax Calendar. more

BIR conducts 1st Assistant Chief’s Command Conference. more

Makati City government to pay BIR more than P 1.2 Billion in deficiency taxes. more

BIR continues reshuffle of revenue officers. more

BIR exceeds December 2009 target. more

BIR reminds taxpayers of their year-end tax obligations. more

BIR to conduct comprehensive examination for audit personnel. more

BIR padlocks Makati establishment for the Holiday Season.” more

BIR runs after “mana.” more

BIR expands online taxpayer registration. more

BIR bags 4th conviction in a row; RATE Program’s success cited. more

BIR launches SanTAX Claus Project. more