Procedures in accomplishing the BIR Form No. 2200M
Hint: Use tab to move to the next field
Indicate the filing date of the Tax Return. The default date is the current date. (Item 1 "Date (MM/DD/YYYY)")
Item 2's default value is 'No'. Selecting 'Yes' will prompt the user to supply the FRN of the form you wish to amend. Amending a form means you will need to amend each and every form you have filed thereafter.
Indicate if the form is quarterly or not. Selecting Yes in Item 3 will make Item 1 a quarterly input field. This is a mandatory input. 
Indicate the number of sheets of the tax return (Item 4 "No. of sheets attached")
Background information is automatically displayed. (Item 5 "TIN", Item 6 "RDO Code", Item 7 "Line of Business", Item 8 "Taxpayer's Name", Item 9 "Telephone Number", Item 10 "Registered Address", Item 11 "Zip Code")
Fill up the mandatory fields indicating the location of the production and removal of products. (Item 12 "Place of Production", Item 13 "Place of Removal")
Select 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate if you are availing of tax relief. (Item 14 "Are you availing of tax relief under Special Law or International Tax Treaty?")
Specify if the tax relief is under Special Rate or International Tax Treaty. (Item 15 "If yes, please specify")
Select manner of payment. If you select the prepayment, you must specify other similar scheme. (Item 16 "Payment on Actual Removal" or "Prepayment/Advance deposit")
Indicate the Excise Tax Due by clicking on Schedule 1 link. This will bring up the Schedule 1 window.
Fill up the necessary rows in Schedule 1 window. The system will automatically compute for the total. Click Ok to return to the main page with Item 17 pre populated with data.
Balance Carried over from previous return (Item 18A) is an editable field. Supply data as necessary.
The following fields are non-editable and will be automatically be populated by computed or retrieved data: 18B, 18C, 19, 20, 21, 22A, 22B, 22C, 22D, 23, 24B, 24C and 25.
Indicate if there are Tax Payment / Deposit to be made by supplying data in Item 23A. 
The taxpayer  has a choice in including penalties in his/her payment by clicking on the Pay Penalties tick box.
The taxpayer can now attach supplementary documents by clicking on the Add Attachment button. A separate window will be displayed to facilitate the process. Attachments are done on a per file basis. 

Please note that the system currently accept files of the following format only: *.zip, *.xls, *.dat, *.csv. The taxpayer will be prompted if the file is not a valid format.

We do suggest that you upload your files in zip format to shorten the process.


Review the data you have just encoded then click on verify to have an automated validation process. The taxpayer will be prompted if any problems were encountered. Otherwise, a successful validation will enable the Submit button. 
Submit the form and wait for the FRN page to be displayed.