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:. Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is the BIR Portal?


A: The BIR Portal is an enhanced BIR website. It is a transaction hub where the public can conveniently conduct business with the BIR over the Internet anytime, anywhere and get valuable information and access eServices like never experienced before.


Q: Why did BIR put up a Portal?


A: Putting up a portal is a part of the BIRís efforts to improve the way it delivers taxpayersí service and information requirements. This is in line with the Bureauís thrust to make tax compliance easier for taxpayers.


Q: How is the Portal different from the BIR website?


A: The BIR Portal opens a whole array of new services and features not previously available in the old BIR website. Some of these features include the availability of a search facility, capability for single sign-on to all web-based applications, direct access to content-related resources and customization of the views of users within the portal.


With the development of the BIR Portal, the existing BIR website is transformed into virtual communities where all of the BIRís eServices and tax information are just a click away.


Q: Who can access the BIR Portal?


A: Anybody can access the BIR Portal after registration. Users of the BIR Portal are classified into ďcommunitiesĒ (taxpayer, employee, external agency, contractor and supplier or bank) to make access to tax information and the Bureauís eServices easier.


Q: How will the different users benefit from the BIR Portal?


A: By grouping the users into communities with common interests, the BIR Portal can deliver the right information/service to the right audience through channels or portlets that have direct link to BIR web resources (i.e. eServices, Tax Calendar, BIR Forms, zonal values, etc.).


By registering as member of a particular community, users will immediately be directed to content/services relevant to them without having to go through the hassle of tedious searches within the site.


Upon registration, BIR Portal users can log on to all of the Portalís applications just by signing-in once every time they use the Portal. There is no need to re-enter user information and password when directed to relevant links and applications.


Q: What eServices does the BIR Portal offer?


A: Initially, the BIR Portal will only offer TIN Verification, eFPS (Electronic Filling and Payment System), eTIN (getting a TIN online), eBroadcasting, eForecasting, eSubstituted Filing and eRegistration services, among other eServices.


Over time, more eServices will be added to that roster, giving users the option to transact with the BIR at their own convenience.


Q: Are transactions made over the BIR Portal secured?


A: Each transaction a user conducts via the BIR Portal is encrypted thereby guaranteeing security and confidentiality. Private data like tax payments and the like cannot and will not be exposed to and accessed by the public.


To start enjoying the BIR Portal experience, visit us at https://my.bir.gov.ph


For more information, please call the BIR Contact Center at telephone number 981-8888.


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