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:. Tax Transfer Return

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BIR Form No. 1800

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Donorís Tax Return  


This return is filed by any person, natural or juridical, resident or non-resident, who transfers or causes to transfer property by gift, whether in trust or otherwise, whether the gift is direct or indirect and whether the preoperty is real or personal, tangible or intangible.

Filing Date

The return is filed within thirty (30) days after the gift (donation) is made. A separate return is filed for each gift (donation) made on different dates during the year reflecting therein any previous net gifts made in the same calendar year. In case of donation to relatives, however, only one return shall be filed for several gifts (donations) by the donor to the different donees on the same date. If the gift (donation) involves conjugal/community property, each spouse shall file separate return corresponding to his/her respective share in the conjugal/community property.

BIR Form No. 1801

(Zipped Excel) | (PDF) | Estate Tax Return

Estate Tax Return  


This return is filed by:
1. The executor, or administrator, or any of the legal heirs of the decedent, whether resident or non-resident of the Philippines, under any of the following situations:
a. In all cases of transfers subject to estate tax;
b. Where though exempt from estate tax, the gross value of the estate exceeds two hundred thousand (P200,000) pesos; or
c. Regardless of the gross value of the estate, where the said estate consists of registered or registrable property such as real property, motor vehicle, shares of stock or other similar property for which a clearance from the BIR is required as a condition precedent for the transfer of ownership therof in the name of the transferee; or
2. If there is no executor or administrator appointed, qualified, and acting within the Philippines, then any person in actual or constructive possession of any property of the decedent.

Filing Date

The return is filed within six (6) months from the decedent's death.

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