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Tax Returns Filed

A total of 16,872,121 tax returns were filed in CY 2011, higher by 1,218,305 or 7.78% from last year’s 15,653,816 returns. The positive turnout of returns filed is attributed to the Bureau’s implementation of various programs to achieve its strategic objectives (such as attaining collection targets and sustaining collection growth; improvement of taxpayers satisfaction and compliance; and improvement of assistance, compliance and enforcement processes, among others), strict monitoring of tax payments and conducts of campaign dialogues.

Withholding Taxes returns filed accounted for 41.40% of the total number of tax returns filed for the year, followed by Percentage Taxes returns with a 28.28% share and Income Taxes with 13.97%. Returns filed from VAT and Other Taxes contributed 11.52% and 4.32% shares, respectively.










Source: BIR Form 1770 Reports as of June 18, 2012

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